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Full Service Monthly Bookkeeping

Starts at $199/month*

• We import bank statements
• We categorize all transactions
• We manage your bill pay & payroll
• We reconcile bank and credit card accounts
• We provide monthly financial statements
*Estimated price – based on one business/corporate account and one credit card account.
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Full Service Tax Prep, Filing and IRS Resolution

See Below for custom pricing*

Your Tudor accountant will not only identify business tax deductions often overlooked by outside tax preparers but will recommend tax strategies specifically tailored to your business.
We offer comprehensive and a la carte Tax services, see below for estimated pricing!
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Business Support

Financial and Business Consulting

Free of charge!

Our advice to clients is always free of charge and we are always available either by phone, email or Livechat 24/7.
Call: 1.800.123.4567
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Think of Tudor as your personal CPA – at a fraction of a cost of hiring a full time bookkeeper.
Full Service Monthly Bookkeeping
Starts at $199/month*
We categorize all transactions.
We manage your bill pay & payroll.
We reconcile bank and credit card accounts.
We provide monthly financial statemenst.
*Estimated price – based on one business/corporate account and one credit card account.


Answer the questions below to estimate your tax preparation fees:
  • Individual Tax Return (one job and/or one home state) - $200
  • More than one W-2? How many? + $20/per 2nd and every subsequent form
  • Do you own a house you live in? Do you pay mortgage? + $50
  • Did you work/live in more than one state? How many? +$100/state
  • Do you have a brokerage account with stock sales? How many? + $50/account
  • Do you operate a business as self-employed Sch C? How many? + $100/business
  • Do you own a rental property? How many? + $100/property
  • Do you own an interest in a partnership, LLC, or S-corp (K-1)? How many? +$20/per K-1

If you have any foreign reporting (bank account, property, business), please contact us to discuss.


  • +Individual Tax Return x (1)
  • -Bookkeeping Not Included
Business/Trust Tax Return
Fees start at $700 and include preparation of one state tax return.

IRS Tax Resolution

Free Consultation!
If you choose to engage us, our base fee is $900 and we can add or subtract from that depending on your situation.
For illustrative purposes only, typical fees are as follows:
IRS or State Audits:
1040 Income Tax Audit Representation
Full audit representation. We appear instead of you!
We can enter on your behalf at almost any stage but the earlier the better. $1,750 to $5,500
Appeal of Audit or Audit Reconsideration
You disagree with the audit findings and/or assessment? We don’t have much time and need to move relatively quickly.
Although extensions may be granted, we have to deal with the so-called “30-day” or “90-day” letters. $1,750 to $4,000
IRS or State Collection Cases:
Individual Back Taxes Representation
Your case could be assigned to IRS Automated Collection Systems (ACS), Revenue Officer, or not yet in collections. Full representation, tax transcript research, monitoring of tax case and resolution of tax problemI including appeals, if necessary.
"Resolution" might include Offer in Compromise, Uncollectible Status, Payment Plan Negotiation and/or Penalty Abatement. $875 to $4,000
Payroll Tax Liability Representation
Full representation and resolution of tax problem whether your business is open, closed or soon to be closed. $1,275 to $5,500
Research of IRS/State Tax Record and Analysis Of Tax Problem
Need to know where you stand with the IRS/State? What's the bare minimum of tax returns you should file? What do you owe?
How should you resolve your tax problem? $275 to $500
Penalty Abatement
Preparing an official request waiver of penalties and interest on your income or business taxes (includes appeals). $550 to $1,550
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